NLB Banka with promotional campaign and reduced interest rates for loans for individuals


In the period from 11.03.2019 until 31.05.2019, NLB Banka is conducting a promotional campaign on all loans for individuals. Within the promotional offer, the Bank offers new consumer and housing loans with lower interest rates.

Interest rates of NLB Consumer loans are reduced to 0.5 percentage points and start from 5.5% annually, where the interest rate is fixed for the first thirteen months. 


Also, the new NLB Housing loans are approved with lower and reduced interest rates.  Interest rates start at 3.2% and are fixed for the first three to six years, depending on the type of loan.  


Within the campaign, all consumer, housing and mortgage loans with life insurance, as well as automobile and silver loans, will be approved without manipulative costs.  All other loans will be approved with 50% lower manipulative costs. Additionaly for all loan applications received within the promotional campaign, and for which mortgage valuation is needed, no costs will be charged.


The promotional offer applies to all newly approved loans. Customers can apply at the nearest branch office of the Bank or online at the following link 


More information can be obtained at the nearest branch of the Bank, at the number 02/15 - 600 or at the following link


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