On November 28th, 2010, the doors of the NLB Banka’s Gallery, which covers an area of 200m² of the ground floor of the Bank and which is used for gallery activity only, were opened for the first time. With the ceremony for the 25th jubilee of the founding of NLB Banka, an event held under the motto “For art and friendship”, the first ever exhibition by Sergej Andreevski, Kole Manev, Glogor Chemerski and Miroslav Masin was opened. The choice of the artists, as well as the motto of the ceremony was not accidental. In this occasion, NLB Banka paid a tribute to the early deceased member of the Management board, the avid supporter of art and patron of the mentioned artists, Mr. Tome Perinski.

The Project’s main goal is to support the art in Macedonia by donating its gallery and the selfless hard work of its employees.
The aim of the project is to encourage the artists from Macedonia to see the Gallery of the Bank as a creative space, liberated from all the material boundaries and oriented only towards the promotion of art.
Since its opening the gallery has held approximately 13 exhibitions per year. The very fact that the gallery of NLB Banka is booked one year ahead, proves that the aim of the Bank to establish the gallery as a space freed from all the material boundaries and oriented only towards the promotion of the art in Macedonia, has been achieved.

In 2013, the gallery of NLB Banka succeeded in establishing the well-deserved title “best gallery in Macedonia” by organizing a total of 13 exhibitions, for which the Bank gladly donated its area, but also contributed with the help in organization, all in order to promote the art in Macedonia.

On October 16, 2014, NLB Banka received the National Award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices for the year 2013, awarded by the National Coordinating Body on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Ministry of Economy. The bank received the award for best social practices in the category named “Community involvement” for the project “NLB Banka’s Gallery Donation Project“.